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Hi Guys,

woohoo - the new Canon 100mm f/2.8 USM lens turned up, and boy did it seem heavy when I first put it on.

I've been reading the blurb that came with it, and all seems ok so far.

But Troy, H, Dave, Andy, Chris and you other guys with expertise - I was wondering if you might care to suggest what settings you would choose for a macro shot like Troys first example under here - the fly on the cabbage leaf. You've all produced similar shots in style I'd imagine.

So starting with Troy, if you're around mate , would you care to just tell me what settings you might have had for piccie #1 below, and what sort of extra accessories you were using, if any, at the time.

I'm really keen to get started, but I haven't had a chance to play outside yet. That's tomorrow if it's not raining.

If anyone wants to mention any 'must have' accessories, - that would be good too. All I have is the 400D camera body, the two stock lenses that came with it, and now this new lens. I don't have any other odds and sods, but I've noticed the list of accessories goes on and on.... tripod adaptors/rings, extention tubes, lens hood, filters, close-up lenses and macro flash, just for starters.

As always, your time and thoughts are much appreciated guys

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