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NGC 1365 sketch 6/1/11

Hi everyone,

It has been fairly cloudy recently but then it cleared for this wonderful night.

I started off by observing Jupiter which was a bit blurry and I could tell the seeing wasn't going to be too good tonight.

I was reading a book and it said that there was a nice cluster in Canis major and so I went and found it.

Ngc 2362- This cluster was surrounding a bright star Tau CMA which I'm not sure is associated with the open cluster.It looked magnificent with a right amount of bright stars and dim stars.Beautifull.

As i was searching for this cluster I stumbled upon a double star later to be identified as 145 CMA.

145 CMA-This was a beautiful pair of contrasting colours the primary of a a yellow-orange colour and the secondary as a blue gray colour it was a quite a sight and easily separated at 100x magnification.If your looking for a colorfull double star I would recommend this one.

Then I decided to sketch ngc 1365(attached).The seeing was buggering me as I was not able to discern the arms easily this night as the last time I observed this showing how seeing conditions affect not only planets but also deep sky objects.I could only just see them in averted vision.But I decided to sketch the galaxy like how I saw it last time and this time and added them together so a warning to say that the galaxy does not look like this straight away in my scope it took patience and a lot of averted vision,to get the overall picture.Anyway I am happy with the end result.

Cheers Orestis
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