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Comet Observations 14th/15th November 2010

103P Hartley 2

2010 Nov 13.63 UT; m1= 6.6; Dia= 11'; DC= 5; 25cm L, f:5 (x39)
No tail, coma large and ciruclar, edges diffuse, gradual brightening to centre, central condensation not stellar.
Comp Star= TYC 4828-2768-1; Method= S; Cat= TJ\

2010 Nov 14.65 UT; m1= 6.9; Dia= 20'; DC= 2/3; 7x50B
No tail, coma broad and elongated to North.
Comp Star= TYC 5400-4701-1; Method= S; Cat= TJ

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