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ohh there are two types of polarising filters too.... you want the circular polarising filter!... whaat that basicially means, is that when you screw this filter onto your lens, the polarising part is rotating, i.e it means you can turn the filter instead of having to turn your camera or the lens. because polarising filters block out light at 90 degree angles, the circular filter allows you to turn the filter to the position you want. if this doesnt make sense (whiich it probaly doesnt) ask if they have circular polarising filters so you can see one!

you will also have to make sure the filter you gets fits your lens. the two lenses in this kit should both be 58mm, so the filter you need to order is a 58mm. You can also get step down and step up rings too. This allows you to use a bigger or smaller filter and then use the stepping ring to allow you use that size filter on your camera. e.g i have a 60mm solar filter for my camera but because my lenses are 58mm i use a stepdown ring so i can attach my 60mm filter to my 58mm lens.

and finally... canon australia only supports australian warrenty on cameras, and international on lenses. and get the extended warrenty!
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