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Thanks Theo

So - for the sake of it, what do I have to change in software somewhere to make sure the, say blue LED, actually flashes blue when I ask the filter in position 3 (which is where I have my blue filter loaded) to load?

As I say, I have the filters loaded in the order that Maxim had them by default (just for the convenience of it): 1-R, 2-G, 3-B, 4-L, 5-other. So - I have them in this sequence and when I call for green I get it. When I call for red, I get that too. No problems here. Labeling is working for the filters as they are installed.

Now - what is the default order of the LED colours? Are they hard-wired to correspond with physical positions... or are they flexible? I can see no way of matching them to my filters - in whatever sequence I actually choose to install and label them - or am I simply missing something? I don't discount that.... LOL! I guess what I'm asking is is there a way to assign LED colours to a wheel position, or are they locked, in which case you really must re-assign names in whatever acquisition software you're using instead to match the LED/position number?
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