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Thanks for that Mark!

LOL! I fully intend to start using the filters straight away - although the first few shots will be filterless just to see what the baseline is.

I've downloaded MaximDL v5, and have to say that it's a nice package. Certainly much better than EZcap (which doesn't seem to cater for dark subtraction) but for the version that drives ASCOM cameras is very expensive - US$500. Ouch... I also tried Nebulosty 2 and it doesn't want to know about filter wheels for some reason.

I don't know how long you've had yours, but mine came with the dual power cable from the AC supply - one lead into the CFW and the other into the regulator. Seems to work a treat

I upgraded the ASCOM 5b install to v5.5 and suddenly my CFW wasn't recognised by Maxim for some reason. I had to re-install the CSW ASCOM over the top again and away it went.

Also - how do the coloured LEDs on the CFW work? In order to satisfy Maxim, I loaded my filters in the following order: R, G, B, L, Ha - and they correspond directly and correctly to filter change commands from Maxim (so nothing had to be re-labeled or re-ordered for convenience' sake) - landing on the correct filter no probs. However, the coloured LEDs on the filter wheel don't seem to momentarily light displaying the filter coming up. If I'm on green and select blue, the LEDs seem to flash green only - i.e. the departing filter. How is this feature meant to work - or might it not under ASCOM?

Anyhoo - all great fun. I can't wait to start using it for real, but pity the weather doesn't seem to agree

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