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Congrats Chris You will love the camera especially the cooling. I easily reach delta T of 50 degrees, even when it's 30 degrees out side the camera will reach -20 at 68% cooling power. I have not set the camera lower as it is not necessary and it means I have only had to shoot my dark library once. Unless I try to take pics when it's 40 degrees C outside I am certain the camera will be able to attain the -20 setting. It also works well with MaximDL as long as you use the ASCOM drivers and connect the filter wheel directly to the camera via the FW port. I did have some problems with the FW when I tried to power the camera and wheel using the short cable that comes with the package (i.e. main power lead into one plug in the FW and use the other plug to power the regulator --> peltier). I could not get this to work for me and had lots of trouble at first. May I say Theo's support with this was excellent !!!!! Turned out when I use 2 seperate power leads the problem goes away (not an issue with leads as the regulator box is seperate so only one lead goes to the camera/wheel). The only other issue I have found is when you press stop halfway through exposing an image in maxim whilst using the autosave function. The program will not let you use the warm up function to minimise stress on the CCD. Just restart maxim and you are away. This does not happen when you stop it between exposures. My offset and gain settings are 102 and 15 respectively. I find this allows the full range to be captured with very little clipping either end. Yours will be different but still in the same ball park. Don't be a woose, get in there filters an all, that way you will get to solve all the issues at the same time

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