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Originally Posted by Bassnut View Post
mmm, your getting mighty picky there .

Given the investment in a TAK and G11, your seriously due for a cooled astro CCD upgrade. Trust me, its a whole new world of pain, well worth dipping into .
Fred - please call my wife and tell her..... you may do better. Then again - the darling woman has just bought me a nice shiny blue QHY5 Q-Guider so I can give Geoff's (Asterisk) Orion Starshoot back to him, bless her dacron socks.

I'm seriously looking into sending my 350D off to Taiwan to get Yun to apply the filter and cooling upgrades. A dedicated CCD camera like a QHY8 or, dare I say it, an STL is a way off yet.

Maybe not the QHY8.... it isn't quite the moolah of the STL.

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