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Not to write it off before even seeing some images but I did see a review of the Sony A7riv (this same 61mp full frame sensor) and comparison images with an A7riii (42.4mp). I was surprised to see how much noisier the A7riv was at the higher ISOs you would often use like ISO3200, 6400.

So no free lunch there with the smaller pixels.

I think the 36mp full frame sensor is close to the ideal. That is already being used in some cameras by QHY and perhaps others.

61mp would have the advantage of 2x2 binning and still be a decent 15mp or so which is more than an STL11 camera.

But 61mp unbinned does not sound like it holds any advantage for astro at all just increased noise. What optics would you use it on? It would have to be a very high strehl system to cope with the resolution of the 61mp sensor.

As said 24mp would be good. I am unsure if BSI is a good thing for astro or not. It might be.

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