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Originally Posted by glend View Post
I am looking for a new mono camera which can take advantage of the 44mm image circle of my 71SDQ scope. I have not looked at available cameras in years, since buying the ASI1600MM-C. I also use a Nikon D5300 as my OSC. Suggestions for a good mono, cooled of course, that would suit? I would like to keep the budget under $4k Aus. Preferably something without "issues" related to AMP Glow, uneven cooling calibration problems, etc.

My research suggests the QHY600 might be worth waiting for, uses the IMX455 chip.

Not sure I could afford that.

Fuji GFX50 mirrorless 50mp Sonysmall medium format sensor is starting to be used for some astro images.

That IMX 455 sensor is very likely to appear in the next Sony A7riv camera or perhaps an A9r camera. Price will be much lower like Aussie $4,500.
Not the same as a cooled mono version though and we have to wonder if Sony will have fully handled the star eater issue (gives some green stars).

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