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Originally Posted by Atmos View Post
From what I’ve read that sensor alone is worth about $4kUSD.

At $4k AUD for a full frame mono sensor your best bet would be to look for a CentralDS mono-modded 5D MKIII
Yeah, no thanks. Some years ago I paid CentralDS to debayer a Canon sensor for me and it came back with all sorts of artifacts as a result of their chemical debayering process. I had more luck with the ones I did by hand. Ultimately Central DS gave me a refund after I returned the sensor to them so they could see how bad it was. Yeah maybe I could have cleaned it up with flats (which was their attitude), but that blase attitude to quality (and no warranty) told me I would not do business with them again. The scraping method was the most successful, I found, for DIY debayering, but my eyes are not good enough for that detail work now.
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