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Quite a lot of people are using the MYT unguided. Your success depends on having a very rigid OTA and focuser. But, in saying that this would be true of any OTA on any mount. The Software Bisque platform of TheSkyX integrated with a Paramount can provide a superb experience. It is a complete package that includes camera control, plate solving, T-Point, etc. Yes, it is complicated at first and takes a while to master...more so if there is an underlying mechanical issue to confuse matters. Yes, there have been a few issues with some mounts (such as my original MX!) but I have been entirely satisfied with my MEII. What does this have to do with the MYT? Well, they are all basically the same design just scaled up or down. A few people can make noise about this company which you need to carefully consider. However, take a look at how many remote observatories are 90% Paramount equipped. There is a reason. I'm not disparaging of any other mount; I don't think any can offer such a complete package.

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