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MTO has a screw that protrudes inside and serves as focus stop, I only needed to remove it (and replace it with short one so dust doesn't go inside.

It is similar with yours....

BTW, when you dismantle (unscrew) the back end, do it carefully and slowly.... the lens will behave like expanding bellows, and it will "suck in" a lot of air and dust with it.
I think you only have to remove the screw (indicated on attached image I borrowed from webpage mentioned earlier).

If you do not plan to remove the main mirror, there are no "traps"... except those small screws (careful - they like to split where the slot is) but if I were you I would try to relax the mirror. It may not help a lot (depending on mirror shape precision and stress), but it will not hurt either.
Have a look at my thread below:
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