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Focuser recommendations - FLI PDF / Atlas, others?

Not quite a battle tank, but on my way to building a hummer

I've been slowly putting together a 'budget' high res imaging system (image train now at 3.4 kg with rotator/AO/OAG/FW/camera), but my current MoonLite 2-inch SCT focuser is woefully inadequate.

I don't need to reconfigure the OTA + image train often, so I'm considering replacing the MoonLite with a focuser that can be screwed in and doesn't have a long draw tube, such as an FLI Precision Digital Focuser or Atlas.

Will the FLI PDF be adequate (I've read some negative experiences online about the PDF and heavy loads)? Is it worth saving/waiting longer for an Atlas focuser over the PDF?

Any other recommendations for focusers? Thanks!
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