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Eclipse video technique

Originally Posted by shahgazer View Post
Hi All,

I am planning to record a video during the 2 mins totality of this upcoming TSE.

It would be a wide-field view of the sky and land surrounding the sun.

I wonder which is the best equipment to use?

my Canon 5DMkii + Tokina 11-16mm
a normal standard Videocam.

I've read somewhere that a videocam will readjust itself to compensate with the different lighting during C2 and C3, quiet drastically, thus spoiling the view somewhat.

But with DSLR in video mode, I need to manually readjust the settings during that period, thus spoiling my chances to enjoy the spectacle with my eyes.

or will a timelapse with the DSLR will be good enough?
I've done a variety of wide field imaging, stills time lapse and video real time and video cam time lapse. They all have their place. The DSLR time lapse will give you high quality images, the camcorder will give you sound synchronized to the images. You'll hear your reactions, the crowd around you and if you put the camera behind you, you may see your reactions as well if the lighting is sufficient.

If you are using a wide field lens, the auto exposure on the video cam works quite well however some video cams go noisy in low light.

The problem is the AF. You must turn off the autofocus. At 2nd contact the light level drops 1000 times in 30s. The AF will go hunting for focus. Use the AF to set infinity focus for your wide angle then turn it off.

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