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Canon and mirror lock up using APT

You have asked a couple questions. One was about replacing lenses with live view on for mirror lock up. Have no idea, sounds 'dangerous' but others on this list I suspect know the real answer there.

Your second part of origional question seems to be about how to avoid vibration. I have been very happy using APT which is a Canon specific real nice AND low cost tool seen in the software section of IceInSpace. It is called Astro Photography Tool and the designer is responsive and I feel has made a real valuable tool for Canon users who shoot astrophotography. This tool with my Canon 40d supports live view for focus and then for shooting sequences of frames it will lock up mirror for a couple seconds (what you specify) then take the shot. This eliminates mirror vibration (which many folks will mention is not such a big issue for 30 sec type photos). Look into that.

As far as the lens swap thing with mirror lockup, I would not be trying that on my camera unless somebody really says it is guaranteed. I don't know.

Best of luck
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