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Originally Posted by mill View Post
Ok people.

It looks like the original poster (he who just wanted to know what camera to buy) is completely dropped off this thread and started to think "what an rambling dumba$$es". (I know you are all not dumba$$es but just get your panties in a knot sometimes ).

Giving someone advice is one thing but going against each other and not giving advice is another thing.

My vote would be to lock this thread and both camps start their own thread where they can ramble on and on and on

Just my 2 cents here because i also am in the market to buy a ccd camera and got tired reading this post.

PS: my own thread about the QHY9 got a bit long winded so i left it alone.

Well Martin I think you are correct about the original request for advice so I will now shut up.
As for your thread, why ask for the advise if you are not going to read it. It appears the advise you were looking for with regard to processing etc was being delivered, yes it drifted a little but the general direction was what you requested. You as the thread creator can ask to have the thread locked by a moderator if you feel it is drifting off target and should be terminated.
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