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Originally Posted by Hagar View Post
Don't tell me you haven't taken darks during the day with a camera that can regulate temprature. And I'll bet you only covered the front of the camera, be it inside the scope or with alfoil or similar. Not to many imaging sites are totlly dark with computers etc running.
Just making excuses...

Yea, I took darks in a light filled room with the ST10, with the nose piece correctly covered... I would assume, (Oh no, making assumptions again) that the poster on cloudy nights did not correctly cover the nose piece..

But no, you're completely right, I'm just making excuses.. I wouldnt have any idea what im talking about, and the fact that I've said 3 times now that I had an IDENTICAL dark frame caused by not correctly covering the nose piece of the camera in a lit room has absolutely nothing to do with why I'm saying this isn't a defective camera issue, its because im an SBIG fan boy Doug.. Thats right, A fanboy. Or so you assume..

You have a go about me making assumptions and excuses, then you A) assume that the camera is faulty before anyone knows the final score... B) assume that my previous experience with a problem that looked exactly the same carries no weight.

Look - Simple fact is, nobody knows for sure yet except Sal... He's the guy sitting there with an ST8300 in his hands.. Until anyone knows more than what Sal has told us, everything is assumption..

The only difference, My assumption is aimed at helping the user find the problem and get it sorted out, where as yours is just to point a finger with a big "I told you so" to prove a 3 week old point.

No worries ay..
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