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Thank for the detailed reply, Alex.

Re: the TMB- i only saw them recently online. why is it that brands with letters for names (I assume TMB is an acronym, too) always seem more professional?

I just saw a post recently about the Megrez 90, which had a good review here on IIS.

Thanks for the comments on the StellarVue. Good QC is always welcome.
Meade 5000 ED APO- until i saw the TMB i thought the shorter focal length of the Meade may be a detractor but...

Originally Posted by AlexN View Post

Kal's option of the babyq makes me a little weak at the knees!


I say, buy a mount first.. find out how much money you have left to spend, then work out what scope you can afford to buy, including the prices of any field flatteners you might need, any extension tubes you'll need to reach focus with the camera, a finderscope if the scope doesn't come with one etc etc.

Say you have 4000 to spend.
Mount : EQ6 Pro (what are they now? $2k?)
Leaving 2k
Megrez 90 $1399
Rings and dovetail $150
dedicated flattener $270
2" 50mm extension tube $35
Finder and mounting bracket $?? say 80?
that is a good "top down" approach, although my friend is a bit of a "bottom up" kind of guy.

I will be seeing him again this weekend so we can go through the options.

every time i see the prices of gear now i kick myself for not spending my own cash a few months ago. But wouldn't we all go back in time if we could and buy up heaps of US$ ?

thanks, again.
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