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In this case, I have a good relationship with the local dealer, PhotoContinetal, from whom we have purchased several cameras, binos, accessories, etc. over the years at prices we were content with, given that we can drop into the store at any time, engage with the staff and handle a broad range of gear, as well as walk out of the door with it (paid for of course!)

This is the way I like to shop for certain goods where the criteria are a little bit more involved that simply choosing from a list of inventory on a web site.

So, if the local guys can get near the price I want, then it will be a local purchase. The lenses have an international warranty but the body warranty is country specific. I had a browse of the web for the (main?) 3rd party warranty provider for grey imports, Mack, and turned up some horror stories that made my toes curl. Incidentally, there were plenty of good news posts too, but the bad news always has a disproportionate effect.

The $500 cash back really makes the local purchase that much easier to contemplate too. I don’t mind spending an extra couple of $100 against a $5000 package for the advantages outlined above, not too mention contributing to our local community in terms of employment, etc.

All I need do is make up my mind before 31 Dec 2007 – surely that can’t be too hard….can it?????


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