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Morton, yes, I read that abput the 14mm without the coma corrector. Really nothing of a big deal as the edge is not somewhere where anyone dors any serious observing at. And in Steve's f/6 Newt any issues greatly diminish.

I guess Bill could also expand his review scopes to include the ubiquitous 8" f/6 dob/Newt. Makes a significant difference.

Steve, just be careful when reading reviews. Most people don't understand optics and think a scope, is a scope, is a scope, and an eyepiece, is an eyepiece, is an eyepiece... Things are not that simple. Newts and fracs/SCTs/Maks are very different beasts, and very, very few EPs perform well in all scope types, and from any given line of EPs, performance WILL vary. Many people will dismiss an entire line of EPs based on one single focal length used in one scope type, when because of the comex nature of contemporary EP design, from a given line of EPs that are "considered" as poor in Newts, there may be one or two focal lengths from thst line that actually perform really well in all scope types. But because someone doesn't understand optics had a poor experience with one EP, they then go on to dismiss the whole line even though it could actually be fantastic in fracs. Read what scope/scopes people use in their reviews, and consider what is written in those reviews for the scopes YOU have, not base your purchasing decisions on other people's misguided but well intentioned opinions.

Another EP you might like to look for is the Vixen LVW 13mm - really, really good in Newts and fracs. Only available second hand these days. I had one for many years and was the one EP I MOST used.


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