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I'm not sure what the QSI range of cameras will be like under Atik ownership but I have to say the QSI cameras I have owned are simply fantastic. They have been bullet proof in general. The seals alone have meant neither camera have ever had to be re-gassed. One camera is 9 years old, the other is 7 years old. I cannot say the same for the SBIG I have in my possession, though it is now significantly more capable of dealing with corrosion which is inherent from the design in my opinion (if you own an SBIG camera (red body) open up the camera back and look for corrosion on the boards). The QSI electronics also produce as clean an image as is possible for the cooling and sensor.

I did consider buying an FLI at one point in the last few years and would have if the price tag was not so prohibitive. Without doubt it is the gold standard in terms or build and quality control via reputation alone.
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