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Originally Posted by LewisM View Post
Glen removed his post Colin, so it seems like you are talking to yourself
I thought it must have been subliminal advertising


There are a couple of components to read noise. One is on-chip and there's not much you can do about that except testing and discarding the worst samples (or getting the sensor vendor to do this for you.) The second component is generated in the off-chip amplifier and analog to digital converter. It is definitely possible to combine good quality components with clever design to make a difference here. You can also put effort into shielding the sensor from stray signals, keeping the power to the sensor free of noise, etc. It does seem that FLI do a good job of this and their cameras often have very good read noise characteristics for any given sensor.

Wrt overall quality, I've heard horror stories about cameras and accessories from all of the major vendors. I think you can be unlucky with any of them. Some would be worse than others but its hard to tell without something more statistically robust than a handful of ad hoc reports.

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