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I sometimes like to remind myself that I am shooting occasionally pretty pictures just for the fun of it, from a backyard in a coastal tropical location, so there is little point in stretching my limited budget and getting scientific grade equipment normally purchased by institutions with deep pockets for professionals, since such equipment wouldn't be utilised to its full potential by me anyway due to a lack of time, location (not being high in the deep dark mountains) and perhaps my limited skills as well. So some equipment compromises, such as noise in the data or an occasional tweak are fine with me.

And yes, there are mechanical differences in simple things such as adapters, with good quality ones ensuring precise orthogonality, not flexing at some angles and not causing internal reflections. A cheap thin extension I used to have once upon a time was, to my surprise, flexing a fair bit. I suspect cheaper filter wheels can leak some light, and more likely won't keep the FW at the right angle to the optical axis at all times, and perhaps won't return filters to the exactly same position each time. Whether it really matters is for everyone to decide for themselves.
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