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Quality comparisons between manufacturers

I was really unsure as to how to title this thread but I'll stick with what I have at the moment.
When it comes to cameras, FLI is considered to be the gold standard. Take the KAF-16200 sensor for example. The ML16 typically gets about 6e- read noise but it is 10-12e- with every other manufacturer. I used to have a QHY22 (ICX694) that had a read noise of 4.5e- but the ML694 was around 2.5e-. FLI does this with faster downloads, deeper cooling and a price tag that goes with the quality.

What about filter wheels and other connections though? Is there the same difference in quality here?

I have a QHYCFW2-M that works well, sometimes it gets a little lost over USB but doesn't have any issues running over serial. The ZWO filter wheels generally aren't large but you don't hear much if any in the way of bad reports about them. My QHYCFW uses M54 threads so it'll work with everything but the largest of chips (they do have bigger filter wheels though) and doesn't suffer from any flex but then again it doesn't have a heavy FLI camera on it.

I have a Nikon adapter for the filter wheel that so far seems to be working well, are components like this better from some other manufactures?

QHY has brought out their next generation of filter wheel but I have also long coveted one of the 8 position SBIG filter wheels or upgrading to a FLI filter wheel with a larger sensor (FLI doesn't have any 36mm unmounted filter wheels I don't think). There is a fair difference in camera quality so I am curious as to whether that moves onto the simpler mechanical side of equipment.

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