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Excellent service

I'd like to acknowledge some brilliant service.

The EFA box on my CDK gave up the ghost recently. It seems that the motor control chip just didn't like Australian conditions and packed it in.

Its all fixed. Kevin at PW spent several hours on the phone to me troubleshooting including controlling my PC remotely. When we decided it was the EFA box, at his invitation I sent it back for repair. Returned after a few days free of charge as the scope was still within warranty - a few months shy of 2 years - even though the scope has passed through another set of hands before making its way to me.

Secondly, Don and Michael at Bintel did all they could to troubleshoot including pulling the box apart to seek there was any obvious issues. All done on the spot, no fuss at all even though I didn't buy the scope through them.

Its support like this that keeps me going amidst the inevitable mechanical (and human ie me) failures with this hobby.

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