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Originally Posted by jjjnettie View Post
After Mikes pics were stolen, and entered into a competition, I'm not going to risk the same with mine. I've put my heart and soul into them, they're my babies.
Nothing you put online can be protected. Trying to disable right click, save as, page caching is easily circumvented. If you are viewing something in your web browser it is already saved on your hard drive. The internet browser saves the web pages including text and pictures on your HD then reads them from your HD. So if the user knows where to look he can easily access the file directly and copy/paste it.

If you want better protection you can embed your pictures in a container. Flash comes to mind. You can have a generic flash file automatic resize to the loaded picture. Only the flash file will be saved in the browser cache. Of course the user can copy/paste that flash file but it wil only be an empty container without the bitmap.

There are another number of measures that can be done by modifying the header information of the original files (digital watermaks - not the visual ones) but then again you can do a copy/paste at pixel level and start with a brand new file so that's pretty much useless again.
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