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Originally Posted by ericwbenson View Post
Hi Allan,
Out of curiosity have you by chance calculated your "optimum" subexposure length (e.g. using the online calculators)? One would think that at ~1.1"/pixel unbinned your sampling would be fine for most locations.

Hi Eric,
No - I don't use those calculators.
I just try it out & see what happens.

Obviously in this case I tried a 600 second exposure at 1x1
& it didn't show the galaxy arms.
A 600s 2x2 exposure showed a fair bit more
so then I did a 900 second 2x2 exposure where I started to see the galaxy arms
so I took 6 luminance frames in the limited time before the clouds came over.
NGC 300 is a difficult target from a light polluted location.
I could probably do 2 minute exposures on Orion & get even the faintest detail.
BTW - I use a 2" Astronomic CLS-CCD filter in front of all other filters
owing to the sodium lights all down the street where I live.

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