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I can’t exactly give reports like that Paul, but I enjoy reading them. I had a good night with my Bino’s and 80ED on a Alt/Azi 3…I think I’ll try camping out with the DOB soon enough. I’ll try to emulate your obs above as best I can. I got a good look in on NGC253 with the 80ED…took some setting up to get the Alt/Azi mount in the right spot, but well worth it. I was quite surprised to see as much as I did in the little refractor. I find it a little tricky star hopping with the different image inversions/back to front & round about images, jumping from Binos to Refractor then Dob…Practice Practice Practice I guess. Will try to match the magnifications and keep them as low as possible. Need to keep the field of view as big as I can for what I have…but hopefully just as I learn to sight the binos with a quick glance and bring them up to my eyes in one go, I may also shoot with the sights (RED DOT) and glimpse with the EPs…I don’t think much of my DOBs right way up 50mm finder. (Probably because I never using it in light polluted areas…might be ok in Dark Sites?
Look forward to your next Obs.
Cheers Dave
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