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Hi Guys, Just to add a few things. I also read in S&T,I think, that Kodak were stopping production of their techpan 2415 film.
Janos, You can use a piece of black card in front of your lens to stop shutter shake. Just needs 4 or 5 secs. The question of running out of batteries on long exposures is to do what I did when I made my curved rod camera tracker,use an external battery pack. Your local electronics store will have *AA* battery holders,(x2/x4/x6/x8), which you can wire up very easily. I made up a *dummy* battery(same size as original), out of a piece of suitably sized dowel, attached the 2 (red & black) wires to it and just plugged it in, in place of the original battery.
ps. didn't like the idea of filing a slot it my Canon camera battery cover, but I did!

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