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most of your second round of questions have been answered, so I will mention just a couple of things that sprang to mind when reading your post.
I don't think you need to budget quite as high as the $1800 - $2000 mark. I may be wrong but I think the 300D is about $1400 all up, with a lens, and if push came to shove you could do without the lens, for a while anyway.
The ToUcam is the other choice, and either way you will need or get one later.
I had hoped to keep the news until I had some more concrete, but in light of your post, and several others I think it opportune to mention that if all goes well I should be able to supply, or point you in the direction of a supplier for ToUcams.
I have only mentioned this privately to another forum member, but if all goes well these will be the latest ToUcam (840?), long exposure modified, and peltier cooled. They will cost "about" US$225, complete with 1.25" nosepiece, and I/R filter.
Again if all goes well these may start to be available in a month or so. I expect to see one within the month, and gain an appreciation for what it can or can't do.
Hope this helps,
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