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Yes a SLR or SLR type of camera you are actually looking through the camera lens via a flip mirror, so you see what you get.
Yep better off with a full DSLR for a bulb setting but there are SLR like cameras like my D7 that have a bulb setting as well.
You need to be able to do like several 1 min or a bit more exposures and stack these .
A lot of the DSLR and DSLR type (ones with fixed lens but single lens reflex) have noise reduction which takes a dark frame and subtracts that from the exposure taken.
This reduces some of the noise present in the CCD's.
You will get noise in the image , that is the trade off instead of a dedicated cooled CCD camera , but if you need it to do both astro and terrestrial photography than the Canon are what you may have to save up for.
There are over in the US a least Canon 300 with the CCd filters removed from new which are suppose to be better for Astro pics.
Not sure where I say this , might have been S&T.
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