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Question Guidance Please: Digital Cameras

I am planning the purchase of a digital camera for my 11" SCT that can also be used for family pics during the day. Haven't much of clue where to start. Budget: $750-$1,000. Any suggestions?

One I am looking at is the Kodak DX7590 which Shutan markets as suitable for astrophotography. Retails in Australia for $899. 5 megapixels, 32MB.

Other than getting as many megapixels for my bucks and complete manual control of shutter speed, what else should I be looking for in a camera?

I understand that just about any digital camera can be fitted to a scope? Is this the case? Does the camera have to have threaded lenses? If not, what is needed? I have seen in some of the ads in Sky & Space that some cameras are attached to the eyepiece of the scope by an adaptor...any suggestions about the best sort?

Sorry about all of the questions....hopefully I can repay any advice with some nice shots in due course!!!

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