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Here is a picture of my 8 Inch Saxon Collapsible Dob. As a newbie to astronomy I am really happy with what I can actually see with it.

Next to it, is a Tri-pod. This tri-pod is all that is left from a Refractor telescope I owned 3 yrs ago. I had it for about 2 months , still learning how all the knobs on it worked. One night looking at the moon, my young 8 yr son wanted to have a look, Instead of moving himself to the eye piece he pulled the eye piece towards him. Gravity took over after that , and it went boom.
. As you can see though, I kept the tri-pod, any ideas on what I can use it for :-). I have seen most of you are pretty handy with ideas like that

I couldnt go mad at Trav either as he is low level autistic and had/has no concept of gentle or how things move.
So far he's been great with Dob, as there is less to pull on.

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