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A thread like this is a good place to learn about eyepieces.
My hope for this thread is for members to ask about various eyepieces owned and used.
Some may like to share there new eyepiece experience in this thread.

My comment above about UO orthosopics still stands as great value for money.
But with most scopes these day's for visual work being F5 Newtonian on a Dobsonian base.
A wide field eyepiece is more to peoples liking.

Luckily the choice of eyepieces has never been so great. A nice little article is here,

A little tip is if you where to have only two eyepieces in your kit a wide field eyepiece of say 30mm and a medium power eyepiece say 10mm and a Barlow is all thats needed to enjoy the night sky with your scope. Spend that little extra and get a top quality eyepiece, say from Pentax or Tele Vue or Vixen plus many others. Don't get to wrapped up in buying over a dozen eyepieces, you will end up only using two or three most nights. There many opinions on this and you can spend forever reading the Internet about it, but thats fun also.

Happy viewing.
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