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Originally Posted by Omaroo View Post
Thanks Alex & apologies for the k/b!!!.

Matty you have, yourself, a top setup there. When you complement the C8 with an APO you can both guide and image with you'll be in heaven. I still have & love my C8, and it will be topped with my WO Megrez 80SD (achro) as an alternative, narrow-field imaging unit to the Tak/Tak system. I won't use the Megrez for photography, but it makes a fine g/s. Have you come closer to any decision on which refractor you're considering?
Thanks Chris,

Yes I have to agree with you. Once I get an APO to accompany my C8 I am going to have a very flexible setup. I will be able to use my C8 for narrowfield imaging and an APO for widefield imaging.

As for the refractor, my first choice will be the new William Optics FLT98 APO otherwise I will go for the Megrez 90.

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