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Originally Posted by GTB_an_Owl

Tabulam is a rogue state in Northern N.S.W.

my brother is the 'KING' of Tabulam

here are a few photo's of the Kingdom

Tabulam (the town) is a ways down the hill off into the distance a bit

and by the way - this is what WE call a barbecue (area)

some of you may recognise the King's nephew
Yes Geof indeed "Jimmy the Bee Man" is "King". I knew Jimmy from my days in Paramatta (we drank at "The General Bourke Hotel" the only pub I have been barred from for decking someone" so it was a surprise when in "Tabby Pub" the first time I hear a voice from the other end of the bar "Alex what are you doing here" ..mmmm small world eh Jimmy. You drive near 1000 klms and can still find a friendly face.)
I recognise "Arty" and "Terry" in the photo but Micheal needs a close up... is that where Bintel test their products?
However folks as good as the photos are of the lay of the land one has to see Jimmy's spot to comprehend the view..It is really something he must be able to see almost to the coast.. I think you can see Mt Warning from there ..that would be something to see the first sunlight hitting Australia on that mount whilst you are still semi dark... I have asked him if I can do some lightening shots there which he has agreed to...but I would love to get Mt Warning at dawn.
AND Ipson I have never seen a Koala around there (within 200klms).. does not mean they are not present, but we see more kangaroos ( I have about 12 come round home at dawn and dusk) ....mmm you can bar be que kangaroo and I think there is a butcher in Casino who makes sausages with Kangaroo ..I know he sells Emu meat and pretty sure he does a bit of kangaroo...its tuff however but very good meat health wise.
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