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More interesting Toucam stuff

From the yahoo groups some stuff that may be of interest froma a guy by the name of Green

[I tried the exposure trick as spelled out at using my
Toucam Pro 740K. After playing around with the settings in my
livingroom, it seems to me that the special procedure is not
necessary with my camera and driver. Whenever I set the exposure on
manual and capture speed to 5fps, the exposures appear to use the
slower shutter speeds. The use of auto to "trick" it doesn't seem
necessary. Perhaps this is a difference with the Toucam relative to
the Vesta the procedure was written for. After testing, I did a
search for more info on this and found the following link which I
feel is important data for Toucam users:]

I could not seem to get the quote command to accept all the above.


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