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Sorry Leon, just had another thought....

I gifted an Orion 80mm short tube to my sister earlier this year albeit on a pretty cheap & crappy mount but, it still works okay...

I managed to cobble together a decent collection of reasonable EP's from both my own collection & the generosity of some dear people on here...

Anyways... apart from the obvious CA issues, if it has to be a refractor & the budget is fixed, the little 80mm short tubes are pretty damn good... Another scope I didn't mind using myself despite the CA issues that come with all basic refractors.

I can assure you, I wouldn't have sent it to my sister if it were junk as she would just be totally frustrated with it.. (she's in her 60s) & it wouldn't get used.

Could be another option in the price range for OTA with a semi decent mount maybe... not necessarily the one it comes advertised with though if you buy it new in a package deal...

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