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Gilles, I had a trial version of Nebulosity 4.1 installed from long time ago and it connected to the camera and took preview images without issues.

Is your Nebulosity 64bit? I saw this on ASCOM FAQ page:
The ASCOM Diagnostics program gives me the error "Incompatible Driver xxxxx. This 32 bit only driver won't work in a 64 bit application even though it is correctly registered as a 32bit COM driver. Please contact the driver author and request an updated driver." Does this mean that the application I want to use will not work with this driver?
This will almost certainly not matter. Most astronomy applications are at present (Jan 2013) compiled as 32 bits and will work with 32 bit only drivers, even on 64 bit versions of Windows. You are seeing this because the ASCOM diagnostics program is doing a full check and is reporting this to help driver developers know of this potential problem. If you see the same error when you try to choose the driver in the Application then this is a problem because the application is running as 64 bits and a 32 bit application will not work. Note: This is not under the control of the ASCOM Platform. We do not have the ability to compensate for this fundamental differences between 32 and 64 bit systems.
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