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Took the plunge - RC10CF 1st light...

OK so the recent poor weather was, at least in part, my fault, sorry. I have a shiny new scope and had a clear night without conflicting commitments so I gave it a go on Eta Carina. Yes, I know, sorry, but it is a useful calibration target as I have imaged it with my previous setup and can compare/contrast. I also looked through it - and it gave me a good view of Jupiter, nice and sharp and bright.

Unfortunately I blew my ST2k on my first attept to image with this scope (comets ARE bad luck!) so I have had to use my unmodded Canon 20D which is not a great match to the OTA but never mind. Attached is my first effort (no flats - 10*4 mins @ ISO 800)

For those who know these scopes I would appreciate your feedback - I think my focus was a bit soft, but close (no live focus on the 20D and my Moonlite is still in the post). I see some field curvature in the corners - that wil not hurt with the ST2k which has a smaller chip but is this normal? In the bottom left corner the bright stars have sprouted and extra pair of diffraction spikes which is odd.

I have also attached a view of a defocused star - I think it is showing collimation to be good - but is it great?

Thanks for any and all feedback.

Oh and yes I am happy with the scope - just itching to get the ST2k on it....
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