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1.RC's are good for DSO's they are zoomed in so your hunting small details out of larger nebula or galaxies generally. As for the tube shrinkage you should refocus during the night its best practice other wise things can happen.....

2. You need a different focuser it wont be sufficient for hanging that kind of kit off the back.

3. Like all mirrored optics they require tuning and adjustments if that scares you don't get a RC because they are notoriusly sensitive to miss collimation errors aka, if you do take it to a reputable dealer then the trip home may put it out of colimation again.... Plus you really need to do it under the stars i would suggest that it will cost you a pretty penny for them to do it!

4. FF no you shouldn't need a field flattener but it never goes astray!

5. Sorry you have to measure the total back focus your kit requires then look at what is stated as the back focus given for the RC10.

6.Is there a better option? well it really depends on what you want to take photos of.... match the telescope to what you like to image with plus your skill plus your wallet


Originally Posted by JohnH View Post
I am thinking of getting a CF 10" RC for imaging with my AO-8/CFW8/ST2000xm/Losmandy G11G but I have some concerns and would appreciate some advice before I take the plunge.

1. Is this setup a good combiation for DSO imaging? I am in semi dark skies - the outer suburbs of Sydney - can see the Mway on a no moon night quite well...

2. Is the stock 3" focuser sufficient or should I plan on upgrading it
immediately? Will I need to refocus on filter changes - even if my filters claim to be parfocal? If the CF tube stable thermally such that I will not need to refocus due to thermal effects? Typical dusk/dawn delta T is 10C in my location.

3. I am not mechanically adept and am concerned about a couple of issus with this design of scope - the inital setup/collimation (I can ask the supplier to do that). But ongoing how frequently will collimation need to be tweaked? Not to happy with the idea of having to shim focusers or tune mirror separation. Are these scopes set/forget of in need of regular care and attention?

4. Will I need a FF given my ccd is not too large and if yes which unit is

5. I beleive these units have plenty of backfocus - so my imaging train should be ok - true? Would the FF make any difference?

Is there a better option for the money? I have had a VC200L in the past and was not overly impressed with it, but need a bit more light gathering power than the ED127 I am using today.
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