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Originally Posted by Shiraz View Post
Hi Richard. yes, it would be significantly less sensitive than the 694 (which I will definitely still keep for dim galaxy imaging). However, I have felt the need for a bit finer sampling on brighter targets at about this time of year, when seeing can occasionally get below 2 arcsec. The ZWO would provide finer sampling and, with low read noise, it should be usable with ~ 1 minute subs on my 250f4 scope on bright targets, so I would hope to see even better resolution than 2 arcsec using crude lucky imaging.
deep sky lucky imaging looks very interesting but i have a few would deep sky lucky imaging work with a camera like this - Would one capture video as an AVI file and then use planetary imaging software (eg registax or autostakkert) for image analysis and initial stacking, or can it be done using more conventional deep sky processing software like pixinsight? what sort of sub times / frame rates would be necessary. Also if the sub times are short (say less than 1s) , then it would seem like there would be a colossal amount of image data to process if total integration is several hours or more...
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