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Originally Posted by Shiraz View Post
thanks Russel. looks like it could be my next camera.
the sample -25C dark frame they provide is very quiet and the read noise is really low. Just hope the QE is pretty good, but if this is a back illuminated chip (which it may be) then that should be OK as well.
From your previous discussion threads on camera sensitivity calcs, I figure this new camera will have at best 2/3rds of the sensitivity of the ICX694. The removable T2 spacer of this new camera means its minimum backfocus is only 6.5 mm, meaning that it would probably be possible to use camera lenses together with a filter wheel, potentially providing a cooled (high QE?) alternative to a DSLR for very wide field deep sky imaging. Is that where you would see this camera fitting in, or would you be looking to pair it with another scope setup (presumably also short FL) ?
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