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First Quarter Moon, and frozen stiff, :)

Hi all,

The way things are on the East Coast, any time there are no clouds is a good time with a scope. Only thing is the temp. outside read 8 degrees, and with the blasted westerly wind, it felt more like 4.

This is my first sketch using my Orange Tube C8. She is such an easy scope to use. No bells or whistles, just a basic clock drive. It's all I need.

I had a bit of a race on to do this sketch. Tops I had an hour before the Moon went behind the neighbour's palm tree. Just managed it as the fronds began to be visible, swaying in the wind through the scope. It is a little rushed, but it seems to have a bit of movement, much like the quality of the image through the scope tonight, .

Object: 1'st quarter Moon
Scope: Orange tube C8
Gear: GSO Superview 30mm, 67X
Date: 11th May, 2011
Location: Sydney
Conditions: Windy & FREEZING
Media: White and black charcoal pencils, white chinagraph, graphite pencil, on A4 black paper

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