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Here's the guide Alex:

In hindsight, I have additional comments:

- mark the 3 screws holding the chip assembly before unscrewing them and count how many turns they unscrew, so they can be put back in the same position. I neglected to do this and just screwed the chip all the way down - it seems to be square.

- in step 7, the wide cable is released at both ends by flipping up a part on the connector.

- In step 8, the square silver holder has clips on the opposite side - press the clips inwards to pop the holder out to access the chip and remove the filter.

- I removed the filter and didn't replace it with anything. It's easier to clean the chip while it's out of the camera body. Thereafter a puffer is enough to remove any dust.

- I didn't de-solder the filter cleaning cable, just cut it with scissors; the end is hanging in mid air, not contacting anything.

- I did wear an anti-static wrist strap.

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