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G'day Alex and Glen.

I have set this wind turbine up on a 6 meter tower with double-guy wires and well earthed to boot. It's a hybrid system with 2x100 watt solar panels in a 24 volt series as well. And it is all sited on a hilltop about 1 km away from my house yard so noise is not an issue and it gets good wind. I have fenced off a few acres of this hilltop and constructed a nice roofed and paved area with BBQ and fire pits and the like, water tanks and a sexy little mower-shed I have converted into a power station with 4x100AmpH deep cycles in a 24Volt system running my water pump as well as the lights. This area has been planted with fruit trees and some natives to make it a great place for observing and also for having a coldie after a long day. As a bonus, mates can camp there with their rigs and have access to 360 degree horizons with no light pollution.

But solar has its limitations and since we have good winds most of the time it seemed silly not to make use of them. Given the intermittent power usage up there, I really only need a trickle feed system to keep batteries topped up so I would accept that I don't really need wind power as well as the existing solar. But I went to so much bleedin' trouble to design and build the tower, I just can't bring myself to let it go to waste. Not very logical, I know. But I never was one for logic. I suppose I could just put a flag on it b ut that would be a bit of a cliche!

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