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I have an ED80 (f7.5 with ED glass) but don't use it as much as my little Tele Vue 60 (f6) which provides me far more enjoyment.

Question: why does the 60mm give you "far more enjoyment" than the 80mm, assuming both are ED glass? No attack here, just wondering....

Is it the light and small convenience of the 60mm? - though I'd not think an 80mm f/7.5 (600mm focal length) is particularly large or heavy.

Personally, I find 60mm a bit too small - light-starved, I'd say - and prefer 80mm as a grab'n'go. About 78% increase in light-gathering (80 over 60, and goes by area) is very noticeable on DSO, and the 33% extra resolution is useful for the Moon, planets, double stars.

Your experience and thoughts?
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