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42.1 Second shot - Unguided

Hi Guys,
Heres a recent shot @ 42.1 Unguided on the NEQ6 Pro Mount, I do spend at least 30mins or longer prior, doing a drift alignment using a 2x barlows on a f/10 scope.
NGC 5128 - Centaurus A
42.1 second x 55LRGB
Meade DSI II Colour - Meade LX10 203mm f/5 - Antares x0.5 Focal Reducer
Skywatch SynScan NE6Q Pro Mount

NGC 5236 - M83
30.0 second x 33LRGB
Meade DSI II Colour - Meade LX10 203mm f/10
Skywatch SynScan NE6Q Pro GoTo Mount

NGC 3627 - M66
This one is also 30 seconds x 66LRGB - 150mm f/5 Reflector - Meade DSI II Colour CCD -Skywatch HEQ5 Pro Mount

I have taken some 60 second shots but not enough so far to show here, the skies have not been kind.........................but it is possible on a still night.
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