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First trials were limited tonight. The Baader RCC1 coma corrector came to focus in my 8 inch f4 GSO Newt without having to shift any mirrors etc. There have been reports of people having to move their primary so that the RCC1 could focus, however most of them appear to not have been using the correct spacing. Tonights test indicates that used per spec, (91.5 mm between coma corrector and camera chip) the corrector focuses without any need to mod a scope. The Baader off axis guider would not focus with a QHY5, it requires a couple of mm more in focus. This necessitated an 11.00 pm visit to a friends engineering business for a bit of late night lathe work to turn down a 1 1/4" to t adapter so that the QHY5 could get some extra room to focus. Once reassembled both the Main camera (QHY8) and the QHY5 were able to achieve simultaneous focus. At this point the combined effects of a full moon and almost zero transparency meant calling it quits.....

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